Computer and Server Support

Written by Matt Seger
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 17:17



Server Support

We support all Microsoft server based Operating Systems specializing in the  Server 2003 & 2008 Editions.  We are experts in Small Business Server as well.  We provide support for all Microsoft platforms including Exchange Mail Server ,SQL Database Server, Sharepoint, IIS6 and IIS7. We also support FTP, DNS, DHCP, WINS... virtually any Microsoft product.  We offer support for most major business application software such as Symantec,  Acronis, Oracle, Hyper-V, VM-Ware, and Virtual Server.

Whether you have a singe Small Business Server or need to build a virtualized a score of Enterprise Server clusters, CCS has the expertise to handle the task.

Workstation Support

Whatever the problem, CCS can handle your computing needs. We can help you with everything from hardware to Operating System problems to standard applications like Microsoft Office to custom "Third Party" applications. We will do whatever it takes to get your problems fixed properly and as quickly as possible.

Support and Maintenance

We offer specialized preventative maintenance contracts that cover monthly visits to your location in which we will verify all servers and workstations are operating at full potential with routine system updates from applications to operating system updates for your best levels of security.  As an added feature to our contracts, CCS adds courtesy hours for on-call issues that may arise before the next scheduled.

This means less down time for your business as we solve many issues before they happen, instead of reacting to every crisis.  If there is a problem, you have a support team that knows your business network that is only a phone call away at no additional charge.

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